Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I buy groceries?
A. Both Portal and Rodeo have general stores that sell limited groceries and supplies. Willcox and Douglas Arizona, and Lordsburg New Mexico all have larger stores.
Q. Where can I buy gasoline?
A. It is a good idea to gas up in any of the towns you go through while enroute to the Four Bar Cottages. There are no gas stations in Portal or Rodeo. The closest gas stations are in Animas, NM, which is 20 miles from Four Bar Cottages. One of them is open 24 hours.
Q. Is there cell phone coverage at Four Bar Cottages?
A. The only cell service here is through Verizon. A land line phone is available for use at the manager's house for those without Verizon cell phones.
Q. Is wi-fi available at the Four Bar Cottages?
A. Yes, both of the cottages have wi-fi.
Q. Are there any restaurants nearby?
A. There are restaurants in both Portal and Rodeo.
Q. Where are the nearest airports?
A. El Paso International is 3 hours to the east, and Tucson International is 2 1/2 hours to the west.
Q. Do the cottages have televisions?
A. Yes, both of the cottages have satellite televisions.
Q. Are there barbecue grills available?
A. Yes, both of the cottages have barbecue grills. However, we do not supply charcoal or lighter fluid.
Q. Do you have roll-away beds?
A. Yes, we have roll-away beds available for $20 each per night.
Q. Is smoking permitted?
A. No smoking is allowed in any of the cottages. Smoking is permissible on the grounds.
Q. Do you allow pets?
A. Sorry, but we do not allow dogs or cats at the Four Bar Cottages.
Q. What time is check in and check out?
A. Check in is 3:00 pm or later, and check-out is 10:00 am.
Q. Why the name "Four Bar" Cottages?
A. The Four Bar is an old cattle brand that is registered to Bill and Jill Cavaliere, the owners of the cottages. It is simply a number four with a line under it: 4. This old brand was was originally registered by Jill's grandfather in pre-statehood days (Arizona and New Mexico both became states in 1912) and is one of the oldest brands in the area. It is still in the Cavaliere's possession.