Some of our Guests’ Comments

“Best mattresses we’ve found all week!” —Marcia, North Carolina

“Treated to a soaring zone-tailed hawk upon our arrival. Great birding location. Four Bar Cottages will grow as a vagrant bird magnet.” —Jerry, Oregon

“Saw my first flame-colored tanager. Birding was great.” —Linda, New Mexico

“Your attention to detail and decorating skills greatly appreciated. Best birding right out the back door.” —Mary Ann, Nevada

“Having a resident roadrunner was unique, as well as the frequency of the vermilion flycatchers. Many ‘good’ birds were around the cottage.” —Ken, Minnesota

“Came to bird, and it started the moment we pulled up to the cottage. Spent a week here and wound up with 31 ‘lifers,’ some right here at the cottage. We had everything we needed and more. The cottage was clean and well stocked.” —Trish, Arkansas

“What a wonderfully peaceful place. We loved the little house with its beautiful vistas of mountains from the back patio and bedroom window. Birding highlights were seeing the pair of roadrunners running across the side porch, watching the nesting cactus wrens in the mesquite and seeing more western tanagers then we have ever seen in one place before.” —Marcia, Arizona

“You really went above and beyond by giving my bird-loving teen an avian tour of your property, and even took us into Portal to look for the elf owls.” —Cindy, California

“This was a perfect location and accommodation for our first birding adventure in Cave Creek Canyon. We loved everything about our stay: the birds, the coyotes singing in the middle of the night, the stars, and your beautiful place, complete with feeders at our door step. Wonderful!” —Betsy, New York

“You are truly delightful, fantastic people. We consider ourselves to have found a diamond amongst the pearls here.” —Kassie, Louisiana

“Staying in your cabin has been a delight. The cabin is so comfortable. We loved having a fire in the chimenea and using the barbecue. Of course, having the view of those magnificent mountains made the sunsets memorable.” —Rolande, Canada

“Breakfast, watching the birds and dinner next to the fire pit, so relaxing.” —Lee Ann, Illinois

“A refuge in the desert! Our daughter, 5, saw her first bird, a Crissal thrasher, in the feeder behind the patio. Every detail considered.” —Cara, Wyoming

“Your warm hospitality has been delightful. The openness of your home to compliment the comfort of our cabin made us feel free to wander the estate. We were particularly thankful for Bill’s willingness to graciously take us ‘over the border’ (into New Mexico) to try and find the Scaled quail. The accommodations were great and the little bit of history we learned from Bill (and part of the book he wrote) was very enjoyable.” —Shirley, Washington

“Thank you so much for welcoming us so warmly. The cottage was very comfortable and convenient, with fully-equipped kitchen, BBQ grill and wood-burning stove. We enjoyed every minute of our stay.” —Tohru, Japan

“Every time we come, we seem to stay longer. One of these days you won’t be getting rid of us at all!” —Lynne, Germany

“I heard coyotes for the first time in my life and it was so cool.” —Elizabeth, France

“Everyone is awesome. They are most courteous and gracious. And cheap.” —Kayleena, Arizona

“Perfect atmosphere for our anniversary. Thank you for magnificent memories.” —Cody, Utah

“A little haven attracting many local birds. Bill promised us a roadrunner and there he was, welcoming us on our first night as we settled in. You will be rewarded with a hummingbird bonanza!” —Steve, England

“A very well-kept and appointed home. Cave Creek Canyon is a gem! But what most of all has us hoping for a return is the knowledge and hospitality of the owners.” —Paul, Illinois